Rub rail damage

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I recently had some rub rail damage on the rub rail of my SM 2000
Second Call. A small length of the brown gelcoat was rubbed off when
the boat was pushed against a piling. Amel advises they can send the
gelcoat ($5.00) but the shipping is a whopping $400! (Gelcoat is a
hazardous substance). Amel in Guadeloupe cannot ship it either. I
previously had a fiberglass man try and mix gelcoat to match, but the
result was less than satisfactory. If you are picking up a new Amel
in France, I suggest you purchase some gelcoat. There will be a time
you will need it. Has anyone had better luck with finding the brown
gelcoat? Second, re cleaning the faux teak decks, I have found
(quite by accident) that sunscreen (believe it or not) acts like a
wax and brings up the faded color nicely. Non skid waxes never
worked for me, including the Aurora non skid wax which left a white
haze on the deck. Be careful, however, sunscreen is very slippery --
but your decks won't get sunburned.
Finally, as with other listmates, the rail mount for my SSB antenna
suddenly failed from sun damage sending my antenna into the ocean.
Luckily, it was still attached at the base and retrieved without
incident. It is something to keep an eye on and I agree you should
carry a spare.
Michael Glass/ Second Call
Any help on the gelcoat issue is appreciated.

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