Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Anchor Chain twisted in the locker after using some times

Rudolf Waldispuehl

I think you have the correct gypsy if not replaced by former owner. It is market 203, this is correct for a 10mm ISO chain. So the Gypsy is not making the problem.
If you say you have the twist as well, then I guess the problem comes from the horizontal Winch who is turning the chain. 
Meanwhile I have a galvanized Rocna as well and different dissimilar metals with the SS chain. I'm still investigating how the different metals does make re galvanic corrosion.
C u soon in Preveza
Cheers, Ruedi

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Ruedi, I have had exactly the same problem with my chain since we bought the boat.

I have the ISO chain with 30mm inside dimension and the WASI powerball, now fitted to my gal Rocna. (Yes, I now have a different dissimilar metals problem than before :-)

I’ve reached the conclusion that it’s just another feature of the boat. I tend to lay shorter chain with the Rocna, so the problem happens less frequently for me.

See you in Preveza soon. Cheers Dean


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