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I would recommend Amel. The original Amel bimini will probably outlast anything else. I spoke to Maud this week and she told me that Amel has a complete SM2k bimini kit in stock. It includes: bimini, 2 side panels, and bimini cover. email SAV at


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Hi everyone!

Thanks once again for the amazing resource and wealth of info here. As a new owner, I feel very fortunate.

Regarding bimini replacement, I know it's been discussed at length and I will of course go for the new style with a clear panel to see the sails.. much like SY KERPA..

Can anyone recommend a good supplier in the med? We are in Valencia now and will winter in Barcelona. So France/Spain  would be best bet. I imagine there would be many French suppliers who have had experience with modifying the original design..

Unfortunately my present cover won't last any decent blow, so it's rather urgent.. 

Much appreciated! Attached is a drone pic from our first sail! A quick 170NM shakedown to Ibiza and back without a stop..

James & Louise


SM2K #260

Valencia Yacht port

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