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Put the above through the existing hole at the masthead and attach your shackle to the 2 loops.


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thanks Alan! that seems to be a strong Aluminium extension to the Mast-Head, professional solution.  Cannot do that now, but maybe a stainless steel plate, screwed on the masthead, with rubber between the aluminium and the steel, would do the job also.

Currently there is a hole at the masthead-plate where a shackle was installed, I did not like the solution with the steel-shackle going through the aluminum plate (hard steel chaving against soft aluminium) and therefore removed the shackle, but maybe a strong dyneema line attached to the masthead-plate would also do it as a very simple solution.  any recommendations are welcome 

the foto attached shows the "old configuration" with the shackle where the block was fixed (next to the old B&G masthead unit, foto was made looking down at the top of the mast), I removed it when we serviced and repainted the mast. The hole is still there and could be used to attach a dyneema line with a block...

thx again, herbert

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