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You can find specs and drawings at this site:¤cy=USD&ro=1&r=1781761&,%20Cruiser,%20Motorsailer/Pilothouse&boat_id=1781761&checked_boats=1781761&Ntk=boatsEN&searchtype=advancedsearch&hmid=0&sm=3&enid=0&luom=126&currencyid=100&toLength=39&cit=true&boatsAddedSelected=-1&fromLength=39&ftid=0&man=amel&slim=quick  
By the way this vessel listed for $17,000 in April of this year.  I haven't seen anything to justify jumping the price $8,000 and not doing anything to the boat.
I would think that if it does not sell at the listed price then lowering the price would be the logical thing to do.(JMHO)  If any one understand the 'raise the price' marketing mindset  please clue me in.

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Amel Euro 39' (11.75M) spec's
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Can any one tell me where I can find the spec's for this boat ?

Looking for LOA, Beam,Draft, Bridge clearance, Sail area, etc.

Any one have an original sales brochure ?



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