Re: ONAN Documentation for old Generator MDKD

Alan Leslie

Hello Philipp

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elyse sm437

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Dear Amelowners and Experts from old Super Maramus,

I have an ONAN MDKD-P (6.5 KW) and I'm looking for a documentation concerning the service operations and the order numbers for spare parts for this generator.

I have already looked in the web but unfortunately I was not very successful. Maybe someone of you has such a service manual in pdf format and could put it on the files of the amelowner Site.

Maybe someone has also an idea where you can buy impellers or kits which are on a price that is payable. I have an offer for 70 € or 100 $, which are out of acceptable range for one impeller!.

Many thanks to all your answers in advance.

Fair winds and always one finger under the keel.


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