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I am using old micron 66 (3 years at least)but have touched up the very bow and a bit of the bottom of the keel and rudder. The original paint is still good after multiple haul outs.
I have not left the boat in a nutrient rich environment but have been on the go mostly and in clear water.

If I were you I would not repaint, only touch up as required.  Obviously at some point you will have to repaint. It depends on your agenda. If you were heading off with no plans on hauling for two years then paint two new good coats otherwise keep going until you need to. 

Nick (Amelia Amel 54)

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Hello Amel owners,  I know from discussions that many of you use Micron 66 bottom paint in the Caribbean. I'm looking for responses from those with specific experience.  I put 2 coats on the bottom of my boat in Nov of 2017 and sailed the eastern Caribbean for 7 months. We hauled in Curacao last June (the bottom was very clean). We go back in November to sail the western Caribbean for the next 7 months with plans to haul again in June of 2019.  Question for those who have done something similar. Do you just scuff the boat and relaunch and only paint every other year? Or do you put a fresh coat on each year while the boat is out and dry? Looking for boaters with actual experience with this scenario.  As an added note, when the water is clean I regularly go for a swim with a scrubber to keep the bottom clean.  I have the idea that we may be in more places in the western Caribben where I might not want to do that as often.  

Thanks, Dan and Lori Carlson, SM387, sv BeBe

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