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Patrick McAneny

Danny, I really can't see where the such a seat would be unsafe , I am just concerned and want to be assured,that there would be zero movement. That would bother me. The pedestal is thru bolted with six 5/16 s.s. into a s.s.1/4" x 10"'x 10' backing plate. Years ago, I had welded an extension onto the back to give back support up higher and fabricated armrest , all which greatly improved the original seat , but its still not what I would call comfortable. I like to sit at the helm most of the time to monitor things. No decision yet, and I may try to make further improvements to what I have. I guess its a sign of age ,when comfort becomes a little more important.

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I understand where you are coming from Pat. So long as you go into it with your eyes open. I have often thought of getting molded padding  bottom sides and back while retaining the stability and grab bars. Just never got uncomfortable enough to make it a priority
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Danny, All good points and I don't disagree that safety comes first , before all else.. The seat I am considering would have s.s handholds and  it would not be free to swivel . A prior owner just emailed me and told me his seat was rock solid ,held him snugly in the seat and he felt safer than with his old seat in ext reme conditions. We just came off the boat and remembered  one reason I always thought I would like something different. The seat is a little high for me, I would like it about 2 or 3 inches lower. In the past I had thought about cutting a couple of inches off the bottom and re glassing the foot back in. You have a newer design and I am sure its more comfortable than mine . This thread has run long enough, I was hoping to hear from anyone that has replaced the helm seat, two so far and both positive. I will probably seek out other sources to determine how solid and secure they, are and will not make a change unless I am sure .

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Hi Pat,
I regard the SM helm seat as a great design and a vital safety item. I have a lot of ocean miles behind me and in the vigorous seaways we encounter out there its fixed place stability is a huge safety factor. I would never have a swiveling seat. In big rough seas, oh boy. Likewise, even more so the tube up the sides and across the back. When you are moving around the cockpit in rough conditions it is a fantastic "grab when I'm off balance" hand hold. Moving around the cockpit in a seaway I am using that hand hold all the time. Bad accidents on yachts at sea are often caused by falls.As we age our bones become brittle and our balance less. Henri gave us hand holds every where for good reason. Swiveling padded comfort seats are for the marina and harbour set. Not for serious off shore.
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You know what I am going to say...yada, yada, don't change it because...yada, yada.

But, FYI, Judy and I sat in that seat in a cyclone in the middle of the IO. It is perfect! Don't change it.


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The concern I’d have about sitting in a typical pede stal seat is not rough seas, but rather heeling. There are many very comfortable helm seat built for high end motor yachts, but they all assume that the boat is basically flat. I have not yet seen a pedestal seat I’d want to sit in when heeled at 15 degrees.

The other issue around a pedestal is structural. The deck in that area might need strengthening to support a single point of attachment of a pedestal.. Note for example, the way the nav station seat pedestal is built into the boat.

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