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Hi Paul,

I too have an Amel 54 and am replacing my rusty chain. 

If you have the same as me it will be 10mm ISO and grade 70.

There are two options on the galvanised chain readily available, namely grade 40 or grade 70. The strength of the 70 is about double that of the 40. 

I could not find 70 in the West indies so waited until I came back to Europe. Amel originally specified grade 70.from Chaineries Limousines. So that is what I have ordered and at a very good price: 100m for  about 1200 euros delivered to the Canary islands.

To answer you question on measuring: the best way is to count ten links; if the length is 315 mm then it is ISO if it is 295 then it is DIN. Then the thickness of the actual wire will be either 10mm or 12mm. In practice the ten links may be slightly more say 320mm due to stretch. 


Amelia( Amel 54 Tenerife)

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Hi all,

Some questions about anchor chain:

1. How do Iknow what size it is? Do I measure the internal/external longways diameter of a link?
2. Should I be concerned about a bit of rust - is there a point at which I should know it needs replacing?
3. What is the best type of chain available in the WIndwards/Leewards to replace it with?

Ya Fohi - Amel 54 #98

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