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Hi, Paul.
Your gypsy should have numbers that identify what size chain it takes.  It’s always a good idea to cut off several links and take them, or bring the gypsy to the chain store if you are buying on site.

This was discussed relatively recently and I think it was Bill Rouse who posted info on chain sizes.

Several years ago, I noticed my chain was getting a little rusty on the end that was being used.  Per others’ suggestions, I turned it end for end and used the rust free end for 2-3yrs.  Then when I thought it was time to have it regalvanized, the half that was not being used was dusted into a solid ball in the chain locker.  What a mess!  With such limited access, it took two of us three solid weekends to free it up.

Now, I flush fresh water down the hawsepipe when ever I have rainwater in the dinghy, and when I’m tied up to the dock.  My advice is DON’T turn your chain end-for-end. 
 I also spray Boeshield over the chain in the locker every few months, and run all the chain out periodically to inspect it.

If the rust is significant consider having it regalvanized.

S/V Kristy

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Hi all,

Some questions about anchor chain:

1. How do Iknow what size it is? Do I measure the internal/external longways diameter of a link?
2. Should I be concerned about a bit of rust - is there a point at which I should know it needs replacing?
3. What is the best type of chain available in the WIndwards/Leewards to replace it with?

Ya Fohi - Amel 54 #98

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