Anchor chain Tigress Windlass Replacement


Kent is right about the gypsy.  The size should be on the face of the gypsy that meets the chain.  Sometimes you may need to scrub it a bit to see it.
On a related matter, if any of you are in Europe, SVB24 (the West Marine of Europe) will sell you a brand new 24V Tigress for €1094 (sor some reason they did not charge me VAT and it was €29 shipping to Malta),  The windlass showed signs of abuse from a previous owner.   In considering the costs of labor and parts for a diagnosis and rebuild (plus the uncertainty of rebuilt machinery) we opted for a new one.  We were able to salvage most parts and including the motor (which was not the issue) so you end up with spares. Reused the chain counter ring and switch housing.   When ordering  they let you specify a DIN 766 or ISO gypsy
Bob , KAIMI SM 429


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