Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Salty Dog Rally

Gary Wells

I've done 2 Salty Dawg rallies (one each way) and 4 ARC rallies.

I like the fun of it, the comaraderie , the tiny bit of competition, the weather routing, and the help with check-ins at new destinations. Additionally, there are some genuinely informative and educational seminars that occur prior to the rally itself.

And yes, you ~must~ retain your Captain's hat squarely in place and make your own departure an routing decisions.

With ARC, they've delayed two rallies out of the four we've taken to get better weather.

ARC is much stricter with qualifying crossings and equipment requirements and they cost more being a for-profit business.

I'm looking forward to the ARC to St. Lucia in November. Then we're going with the Salty Dawgs on their Main and Nova Scotia rallies.

I'm looking forward to getting reacquainted with a bunch of people from previous rallies. That, to me, is the real gold of the Rally scene.

Gary W.
SM 209, Adagio

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