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Porter McRoberts

That’s very curious. 
I’ve been wondering the same. Similar issues and replacement was with a 12v pump. 24v light is on. Been working fine and continually for 4 months now. 

Cold beer!


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Hi all,

As promised, my feedback:

I measured 23.5V at the poles for the water pump on the pump controller. Got puzzled again as it’s meant to be for a 12V pump. Talked to Veco who told me i should measure with the pump connected and running. At which point i measured 13.5V.



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Apologies you are right. I just measured 13.5v at the circulating pump. Not sure how I got that wrong, anyway. So they need to be 12v pumps for sure.


Amelia (54)

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Today I measured the voltage directly across the circulation pump for the fridges and it measures 12.5 Volts when one or more fridges are running/cooling. That makes sense as the pump is 12 Volt.

Frigoboat does tell you to use a voltage divider in case you have a single  compressor setup and a 24 volt system. They even sell a device for this. But when you use the multi-compressor pump switch the divider is apparently build into the switch already.

So I dont' think the original Frigoboat pump can/should be used at 24 Volt. It's likely to burn up very quickly.



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