Re: TMD22 Exhaust muffler

Craig Briggs

Yes, I was concerned about that too, Terry, especially with the ss water tank where there were several pinholes in one area and seemingly expanding (where an old heating element had broken off inside and lain on the bottom for a couple of years). I just put the J-B over the entire area and crossed my fingers - it worked! Similar concern and treatment on the engine and so far so good. Was going to replace the part but on my engine it's MD (discontinued) and the J-B fix has been as good as new.

If it doesn't work it's likely not a catastrophic failure, just another drip that can  be managed rather easily.

fwiw, Craig

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Thanks Craig, I have JB Weld on board! 
Wondering if 1 pin hole is the tip of the iceberg?


SV Libby


Maple Bay, BC

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