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Stephen Davis

Hi Terry,

JB Weld might be a good temporary fix, but I suspect you are correct regarding the tip of the iceberg. We have #72 SM, and finally replaced our stainless muffler a little over a year ago with a Vetus model in St Maarten. 

About a year prior to replacement, I notice the first leaks coming from the bottom of the muffler. At that time, we took it off, and had it welded in Grenada. That was the end of leaks for a few months, and then we found more leaks in new places. The muffler was rusting from the inside out, and it was obvious we would need a replacement. In St Maarten, we took it to a big welding/fabricating shop that all the boaters use. It was going to be very expensive to make, and the shop claimed stainless was not a great material for the job, and really did not want to make me one. We finally found a Vetus Type NLP muffler locally, and were  able to fit it neatly in the old spot. The NLP is round, and a bit tall, but has a securing spring clamp which allowed me to bolt it nicely to the engine frame. It is available to fit multiple size exhaust hoses, so measure your hose, and buy the correct size for your application. If I remember correctly I had 3”/76mm hose. The only big downside is that I can’t step on it like the stainless muffler. 

There are some places in the US that can make you a custom fiberglass muffler, and had I had the time, may of chosen that option to keep it close to original shape and size while retaining the ability to use it as a step. If you go that route, let me know, and I may order one with you. 

Good luck on getting it sorted out. 

Steve Davis
Aloha SM 72
Ko Olina, Hawaii

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Yes, I was concerned about that too, Terry, especially with the ss water tank where there were several pinholes in one area and seemingly expanding (where an old heating element had broken off inside and lain on the bottom for a couple of years). I just put the J-B over the entire area and crossed my fingers - it worked! Similar concern and treatment on the engine and so far so good. Was going to replace the part but on my engine it's MD (discontinued) and the J-B fix has been as good as new.

If it doesn't work it's likely not a catastrophic failure, just another drip that can  be managed rather easily.

fwiw, Craig

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Thanks Craig, I have JB Weld on board! 
Wondering if 1 pin hole is the tip of the iceberg?


SV Libby


Maple Bay, BC

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