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There was some discussion on this about a month ago in this group:;_ylc=X3oDMTM2dW9rYzRrBF9TAzk3MzU5NzE0BGdycElkAzUwMzYyMjUEZ3Jwc3BJZAMxNzA1MDY1NzkyBG1zZ0lkAzQwOTg5BHNlYwNmdHIEc2xrA3Z0cGMEc3RpbWUDMTUzMTEyNzEyNAR0cGNJZAM0MDkxMw--




I have a 1999 MDKAL Onan. The Onan part number for the complete raw water pump is 132-0358.


This is the correct part that will fit:





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Our Onan raw water pump looks as it running on overtime so we would like to order a spare pump.

Were is the best place to order when in USA. 

Paul on SY Kerpa SM#259 on Sassafras river Chesapeake bay

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