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Patrick McAneny

Eric, I cannot find Onan parts directly from Onan. I am trying to find the start /stop switch located in the galley. I am not sure I need a new switch ,but over half the time I try to stop the engine, I have to push the stop switch 20 -30 times. The engine stops when the switch located on the engine is used. I have not been able to find the switch from other suppliers . Also did you not post about a product that cleaned the toilet hoses very effectively . I have been trying to find the old post ,so we can buy some.

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You can order parts directly from Onan. I order from the Bronx,NY warehouse.
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Our Onan raw water pump looks as it running on overtime so we would like to order a spare pump.
Were is the best place to order when in USA. 
Paul on SY Kerpa SM#259 on Sassafras river Chesapeake bay

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