Water ingress

Paul Osterberg

Hello! we find water under the floor board in the passage from main cabin to the front cabin. i.e. outside the forward head. that after being out in larger seas or going up wind. I thought it was the Bow thruster that was leaking. But it is totally dry under the floorboard in the forward cabin, I have a few diapers place each side of the Bowthruster and they are also dry. is there any other place where water can get in under the floor board.

we always close the drain from the forward head so that water geting in the anchor chain well not getting in the the head when leaning to port.  We have a new speed transducer but that is totally dry at least when laying at anchor that is the only source I can t hink of besides the bow thruster.

Paul on SY Kerpa SM#259

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