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Porter McRoberts

First hand experience Paul. 

Hardest part by far is finding suitable replacement for the existing unit. 
1. Start by removing handrail above the forward head: look in small hallway closet. 
2. You have to remove the shelf and the carpeted pvc pipe ac duct cover/protector. 
3. Get behind the unit via panel in port bedroom 4. Remove knurled knobs securing washer to panel. Remove and turn off fresh water supply and unplug from 239v outlet 
5. A 2x4 helps facilitate pulling unit out. It’s heavy and may damage toilet. 2 people a plug for this. 
6 once out disassemble unit at the top and find the counter balance/ weight. Removing this significantly diminishes weight of the machine so it’s safely maneuverable.   

7. Out it goes. 

8. Reverse steps with New or fixed unit 

9. Enjoy champagne with elated spouse. 

Hope this helps. 


Excuse the errors.  
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Hi all,

Would someone have any experience in removing the clothes washer from its mounting in the Amel 54?

Ya Fohi - Amel 54 #98

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