Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Expected RPM at WOT

Porter McRoberts

Dean thank you

The turbo does spin up. More with load of course. I am able to measure pressure. 

1000 rpm temp 78c and 0 kPa quiet

1500 rpm temp 79c and 20 kPa high pitched whir sound bit no vibration

2000 rpm temp 81c and 70 kPa quiet

2200 rpm WOT 84c and 110/120 kPa quiet

Volvo has yet to respond. 



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Hi Porter,
No question remains in my mind that this is a problem for Volvo.

Re Nick’s observation, does the turbo spin up?
I wonder if the turbo is load controlled or just rpm controlled.
If it operates in concert with load being applied, maybe the fault is still associated with the boost sensor.

I’ll check mine in the morning for comparison.


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