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Porter McRoberts

Thank you Dean. 
This will help. I’ll run it out of gear and see what comparisons I get. I think the devil is in the load algorithm though. And to respect the little bugger we might have to sacrifice the whole. I hope not!!!!

Porter A54-152. 

I’ll run the test. Thanks again!!

Excuse the errors.  
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Hi Porter,
This may be nothing, but for completeness I’ll mention it.

You seem to be hitting near max boost rather early, with pressure of 120kPa at 2200 rpm.
On my test with Autoprop, I was between 90/100KPa at 2200 and didn’t hit 120kPa until 2500rpm.
Your test was with fixed prop, and I would expect my pressure would be even lower with a fixed prop.

That’s a significant difference in my book, particularly with a software controlled engine.

For your reference, my no-load (neutral) turbo pressure numbers right now are as follows.

RPM. kPa

1400 0
1600 10
1800 10
2000 10
2200 20
2400 30
2600 30
2800 40
3000 40
3200 50 (WOT)

Can’t have too much data!


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