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I have finally gotten around to removing the hatch over the forward head. The nuts on the bolts at the corners were spinning, and were buried between the hatch/deck and the backing for the headliner inside.

I used a 1 inch hole saw and made holes as close to directly below the bolts as possible.

Here’s what I found (pic attached):
The backing board for the head liner is made of a gypsum-type material (like drywall) about 1/2” thick. Above that is plywood, also about 1/2” thick. The plywood is cut out around the bolt holes to leave room for the nuts and ends of the bolts. Above the plywood is the fiberglass decking, also about 1/2” thick at the pad where the hatch sits. Apparently the hatches were installed before the gypsum board was installed, which covered up the nuts.

There is a washer on the bolt and just a regular nut, no lock nut or nylock nut. The washer and nut snug up against the fiberglass decking.

I will reinstall using washers and nylock nuts. The holes in the gypsum will by taped and hidden by the wooden trim.

Bottom line:
Even though I convinced myself after much testing that the leak was coming from the hatch-to-deck union, there was no evidence of that after I finally got the hatch removed. It was really stuck down with a lot of adhesive (?5200?) and a b____ to remove.
Before you do that, replace the hatch seals and o-rings on the through-glass dogs first.
If you have to rebed the hatches, you will likely have to drill holes to access the nuts at the corners of the hatch (8 of them) and to reinstall the nuts

Hope this helps. If I’m not clear, please ask and I’ll try again.
SM 243

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