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Giovanni TESTA

Hi Richard,
sorry, now I'm at home again.
Well for the wrench, I have found it on Budget too, so the next time
I'll be in St Marteen I'll purcase it, for secure !
thanks so much
all the best

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Hi, thanks for the note.  Yes you can have issues with the rudder
shaft seal leaking.  Pull off the rudder bracket, remove the plastic
nut, use a ice pic to pull out the old packing install new greased
packing and tighten the nut.  DO KILL the nut.  install the bracket
and off you go... buy a big adjustable wrench from Defender or West
to use on the nut.. over the next few sails it may leak a bit more. 
Just tightent the nut on hex position at a time until it stops.  Good
luck, Richard and Joan on Challenge on Corica

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From: eutikia2003 <gtesta23@...>
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] autohelm ST 7001
Date: Thursday, October 2, 2008, 5:47 AM

Hi Dave,Richard, Aras,Ed and to all,
thanks so much for your very appreciated suggestions.
An associated question : have you got some dripping problem from
nut of the shaft rudder in the after cabin ? After the Atlantic
crossing I had to tighten it a bit -1/6 as from Manual- but now I
some drops again. The boat has 20.000 mg.
An other 1/6 ?
Eutikia 428

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