Re: autohelm ST 7001

Craig Briggs

Would you be so kind as to translate "DO KILL the nut." from British
English to American English? I can't quite figure out what you're
saying - sorry! (As they say, two peoples separated by a common
Craig & Katherine
s/v Sangaris (Santorin #68) in Siracusa, Sicily

--- In, Richard Piller
<richard03801@> wrote:
... packing and tighten the nut.  DO KILL the nut.  install the
and off you go... buy a big adjustable wrench from Defender or West
to use on the nut.. over the next few sails it may leak a bit more. 
Just tightent the nut on hex position at a time until it stops.  Good
luck, Richard and Joan on Challenge on Corica

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