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HIN numbers have changed over the years. You do not state your Amel model, year or hull, so I don't think anyone can help you further. Maybe a google search will give you all of the answers. If I remember correctly, you just joined our group and you are searching for an Amel. I assume that you are doing due-diligence on costs, etc. You may want to visit BeBe's Blog and specifically the COSTS tab. 

USAA probably would not and may not insure EU boats. When I checked with them, they did not insure boats outside of the US. The best insurance company changes from year-to-year, and we all have to go with the flow. I am currently negotiating for an insurance policy for Amel School Clients, leveraging the total client base for the best policy and value. Hopefully before the end of the year, I will have more to say about that.

It is easy for Amel owners to get insurance. You probably haven't yet approached Pantaenius US or Velos, which seem to currently be the leading insurers of my US and UK clients.


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Hi all,

I spent today calling several different insurance companies to get quotes on covering an Amel SM.  Here was the outcome:

USAA: Does not have Amel listed as a manufacturer in their database (

Progressive: Similar situation to Amel and they say the HID needs to be 12 characters (I was given 10 by the seller)

I am surprised that Amel is not in their system as a boat manufacturer.  Is there a company that most Amel owners use?  Is this a common obstacle for owners trying to find insurance for an Amel?

Thanks for any help here.



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