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First, USAA are a bunch of idiots. We did business with them for years and have slowly moved away from them as they continue to fall behind in customer service. If you want expensive home or car insurance then these are the clowns to call. One day, ask me how I really feel about USAA.


For good boat insurance there are many options. We have used this one and thing they are awesome. We have referred many people to Pantaneaus and all have been pleased.  This is the guy to call:


Scott Stusek | Vice President



500 Mamaroneck Avenue |Harrison, NY 10528 | United States of America

Tel. 443-569-7995 | Fax. 443-569-7996 | Cell 914-217-7991 sstusek@... |






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Hi all,


I spent today calling several different insurance companies to get quotes on covering an Amel SM.  Here was the outcome:


USAA: Does not have Amel listed as a manufacturer in their database (

Progressive: Similar situation to Amel and they say the HID needs to be 12 characters (I was given 10 by the seller)


I am surprised that Amel is not in their system as a boat manufacturer.  Is there a company that most Amel owners use?  Is this a common obstacle for owners trying to find insurance for an Amel?


Thanks for any help here.






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