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Sv Garulfo

When we replaced ours earlier this year, were also given the flojet 4105-512 as the exact equivalent of the frigoboat one. ( 12v, maxA & flow).
There are several versions of this pump -4 models tab

Been working fine since. 

Soraya & Thomas

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Hi Scott,

Having gone through this earlier this year and after a conversation with Coastal Climate Control in Annapolis, MD, a representative of Frigoboat I believe that the 4105-512 1.6 gpm Flojet pump is the correct pump.  They assured me that the flow rate and 12 volts are correct.  The pump interface takes care of the apparent voltage mismatch. The higher flow rate and increased current draw provided by the 4105-343 is not warranted.

I have the 4105-512 on a very similar Amel, #68.  The refrigeration operates well.  The -512 suffix specifies motor voltage and 3/4" hose barb fittings. 

Mark Mueller
Brass Ring  A54 - 68
Hampton, VA

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