mizzen furler failure

Ryan Meador

Hi all,

Yesterday while unfurling the mizzen on my Super Maramu, the handle stopped turning the furler extrusion and it seemed to pop out a bit.  Removing the black plastic bushing around where the winch handle attaches resulted in the entire "barrel" sliding out (photo of this piece is attached).  I haven't figured out why it came apart nor how to put it back together.  I'm hoping someone can offer some ideas:

  • I can't find any discussion of this furling mechanism in the Amel manuals, nor any diagrams on this mailing list's files section... does anyone have a diagram?
  • Is the outer part of the barrel meant to screw into the gearbox, and the inner part turns inside it when you crank on the handle?  That would make sense, but what prevents unscrewing the outer part every time you unfurl, which is apparently what happened to me?
  • There is a lot of friction between the inner and outer parts parts of the barrel and no obvious way to disassemble them (the screw inside where the winch handle goes doesn't do anything).  What is the recommended way to disassemble/lubricate this?
  • How do I put it back together?  I tried the obvious thing of sliding it back in and turning clockwise with a winch handle, which seemed to engage a thread or two on the gearbox, but then the gears start to mesh and I can't go further.

Ryan and Kelly
SM 233 Iteration
Boston, MA, USA

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