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Kelly Ran

Hey Mike,

No pricing info on the printed sheaves...we are getting it done at friend pricing (free), and I don't think it's worth pricing out until we have a successful print and many hours of testing on the boat. I imagine it is cheaper to get this machined, and cheaper still to buy from Amel. (Machine shops around here charge >$100/hr. I've heard of >$60/hr in other locations. And that's not including material costs. I'd estimate 1hr for CAM/setup and another couple of hours for actual machining. Seems like Bill Kinney would have more info on this.)

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Below is what I received today from Maud re: the “Toe Pulley” sheave. Seems like she will be ordering, or has, from their supplier.

So for those that are interested, it would seem they will be available from Amel soon(?). May be opportune to get orders in for this batch.

Per attached quotation and consistent with Bill Kinney’s post they will be €240 each plus VAT and shipping.

Has there been any pricing on the “printed” and/or stainless sheaves?

Mike Ondra

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Dear Mike,

Now that the price estimate is settled I will send you a short message to let you know when they arrive.

These pulleys are only made on our specific demand and for our boats so the delivery time is usually several weeks.

Have a nice afternoon,

With my kindest regards,



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