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Ryan Meador

The threads appear to be intact on this piece, but it's possible they're stripped on the other side still in the mast.  It's very hard to see in there.  I can't think of any way of applying enough torque to screw it back in, though, since the inner part rotates independently of the outer part, and only the inner part is accessible when it's inside the hole in the mast.  Hopefully Amel has a diagram for me.


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In the photo it looks as though there are threads at the end of the outer housing by the gear?  if so could they be stripped?

Just an observation

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Hi Ryan,
I don't really know what the answer is, but we had problems with that black ring rotating and becoming loose until I used 5200 to stick it to the housing.
It's possible that the black ring is what holds it all together i.e.keeps the shaft in place.

Olivier would know for sure.....Olivier ?


Elyse SM437

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