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Beaute Olivier

Hello Ryan,

The black bushing is originally glued with polyurethane caulking compound. Silicone is not strong enough to resist the torque of the winch handle (nozzle).
The nozzle is attached to the drive shaft with an Allen machine screw (in the center). The connection between both parts is slot type.

Good luck.


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My recollection is that Olivier commented on this issue before and suggested silicone sealant (RTV).


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In the photo it looks as though there are threads at the end of the outer housing by the gear?  if so could they be stripped?

Just an observation

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Hi Ryan,
I don't really know what the answer is, but we had problems with that black ring rotating and becoming loose until I used 5200 to stick it to the housing.
It's possible that the black ring is what holds it all together i.e.keeps the shaft in place.

Olivier would know for sure.....Olivier ?


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