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Ryan Meador

The preventer can certainly function as a kicker or vang, but its primary purpose isn't to create a vertical force on the boom, but a horizontal one: it prevents an accidental, uncontrolled gybe.  It is the pair of blocks with the integrated cam cleat shown in some of the photos in this thread.  I suspect we're talking about the same thing.

For what it's worth, I use bungee cords from my booms to the standing rigging (usually mizzen to port and main to starboard) to prevent them from swinging around.  That lets me ease the sheet considerably more than if I used the sheet alone or the preventer.  I've noticed that having too much downward force on the mizzen boom causes the topping lift to take most of the load that should be on the backstays, so they get too floppy.  Given what Olivier told me when he visited my boat, I believe my backstay tension is approximately correct.

Ryan and Kelly
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Steve, Mark, Alan and Dennis

Thanks to you all for your help 
It seems their is a strong consensus here!
You guys mention the ‘preventer’
I think we call this the kicker in the UK
But worth checking I’m not missing the point here!?
All the very best

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Much as Alan suggested, we too keep the boom under tension when not in use. We have added attachment loops as shown in the photos to keep everything out of the way of the side decks. The Main sits centered and the mizzen goes to port. 

Steve Morrison
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We just use the preventer/vang on each boom to hold them steady tensioned against the sheet...the mizzen is the real issue...the car goes tack, tack, tack all night long if you don't tie it down

Elyse SM437

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