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Hi Pat,

I wish I more "internets" here in French Polynesia, maybe I could have convinced you to put it where I did.  It's working really well, and the cable length is only about 7 feet.  Low loss cable was so expensive, and yes, I also have the long expensive cable but decided not to use it.   I was also going to mount the antenna on the back above the solar panels, but then I thought the length of the cable would have about 1 dB of loss which would offset any gain due to the antenna placement.  So, I went the cheap and easy route...

Hope you enjoyed the video!! And yes that TUNA was big, but there is a bigger one yet to be broadcast.  Coming soon!   

Take care!!!


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Ken, Its funny my wife and I just watch that last night. I knew I had seen an antenna mounted outside the cockpit  somewhere ,but could not remember where. I just received the longer (40') cable today, so I will mount on my arch where planned,it will be high,clear view of the sky and out of the way. BTW that was a great looking tuna.
Fair Winds,
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I would NOT put the Iridium GO antenna at the back of an Amel.  

1.  Make the cable as SHORT as possible.  Every meter of cable is just more loss, and increased cost.
2.  Take a look at where we put our antenna...  Looks great, out of the way and cheaper shorter cable run.
3.  We put our Iridium Go in the cabinet above the sink with the helm cables and we always keep it on.

Take a look at the placement... in the video.....

Ken Powers
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I forgot what cable is on the Go phone , however this is the type of connector that I mentioned. A 5 minute job.
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Eric, We are sending back the cable today for a 40 ft. cable,I think that will be long enough ??? It sounds like you also did not run it through the conduit. The small end of the cable is only 3/4 " , I was thinking that I should be able to run it without cutting the end off,I would prefer that. It will fit through the clam fitting and the round rubber seal has a split in it so it can wrap around the cable. Anyway, now that I have decided to return the cable for a longer one ,I should be able to run it one way or another.I will call and ask about sending me that gold connector.

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Hi Pat,
I installed a clam deck fitting on the transom.
I cut the connector off and ran the cable through the  clam fitting. I purchased a fitting exactly like Amel used for the other wires going through the bulkhead and the ssb radio antenna cable.  I then ran the cable through this new fitting on the bulkhead.Then along where the other cables are running over the cabinet, over the hanging locker and into the overhead of the mid ships bunk and finally to  the nav station.
I would speak to whoever you bought the cable from and see if you can exchange it for a longer cable. I an not a fan of spliced coax. Just more signal loss in the cable and and one more connection to go wrong. You can buy a new connec tor that simply clamps on the end of the cut cable. Get a g old plated one.
Fair Winds,
Eric SM 376 Kimberlite

On Mon, Sep 03, 2018 at 03:04 PM, sailw32@... [amelyachtowners] wrote:
I am trying to install an Iridium antenna on the aft starboard rail .The conduit is unfortunately undersized to house all the wires running fore and aft. The antenna wire has a 3/4" connector already installed and I think the chances of pulling it through is nil. The port side would be easier , but then I could not get over to the Nav station. I only see two options, one drill a 3/4" hole in 13 cabinet walls directly under the conduit or second option ,mount it in the aft cabin. If mounted in the aft cabin would the blue tooth signal go through the fiberglass up to the cockpit ? Would the tracking work? Would someone that already has wiring in the conduit for ssb,solar, wind gen.and lights tell me how they ran the cable aft. 
I know some roll the cable out to use it, and roll it up to store it . But the cable is stiff and storing rolled up does not seem like an option I would like . 

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