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I did it the same way on my previous AMEL, a Santorin. For me it was one good reason to do so: nothing is in the way hen you have to go around on the front deck.  


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The blue line was connected where JP, the previous owner, taught me.  I'm no expert, but JP owned Aquarius since new, and did as I was told.  :)


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Hi Ken,

I was looking at your trip into Santa Marta.

I noticed in your video that you have the foreguy to the pole (blue) connected to a forward cleat. Is there some reason that you do not run it through a block at the rail and aft to a cleat in front of the dodger?

Fair Winds,


SM 376 Kimberlite

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Hope the list helps you, and all others that own SM's.  We all want every SM maintained well, as it will make them all worth more in the future!!!


Check out our youtube channel "Sailing Aquarius Around the World".  We have a Super Maramu tour, and Choosing Boat Batteries, and next Thursday we will release  the day to day maintenance aboard Aquarius video.  


If you would like our lists, let me know... info@sailingaquarius do t co m




Ken Powers

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Currently in Tahaa in the Society Islands


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Hi Ken,


Thanks so much for your list.


Appreciate is very


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If you are leaving the boat on the hard for a while here is a list you may want to think about:




Sea Water Valves

1.     Close all sea water valves. There are two in the engine room.

2.     Put a little vegetable oil in the valves and work them.  Make sure

         you run the engines for at least 1 hour before running the water 

         maker when you return.  No oil should be introduced to water maker.

Salt Water Removal

  1.   Run the engine and Generator for 5 minutes with fresh water..  
  2.   Run the air conditioners with fresh water for 5 minutes.  
  3.   Flush the Toilets with fresh water from the engine room.  
  4.   Run Fresh water through the anchor washClean bilge



1.     Clean bilge 

2.     Test the bilge pump   

3.     Test the bilge pump alarm.




  1.   Back flush the water maker membranes.
  2.   Pickle if required.  (or - Find someone to back-flush every week for 10 minutes)



1.    Turn off all the 24V equipment not to be used.

2.    Turn off fresh water pump.

3.    Circuit breakers in wet locker to be off.

4.    Check current to see if charging or discharging the batteries

5.    Turn off inverter

6.    Bow Thruster locked

7.    Clean out refrigerators


On Deck

1.    Loosen Halyards.

2.    Put on Covers as required.

3.    Outboard put away and run with fresh water until all gas is burned out of the carburetor..

4.    Turn off gas bottle valve in trunk.

5.    Take down flags as required

6.    Lock and remove engine key.

7..    Lock all storage lockers.  (From inside Aquarius)

8.    Shut and lock windows/hatches as required. (anywhere water can get in?)

Last - Lock cockpit door.


Leaving Aquarius on a mooring ball, or at anchor (Not Recommended)  

1.   Close the valves to water tight doors.

2.   Close water tight doors.


Leaving Aquarius for more than a few weeks:


1.     Try to have an air conditioner (or De-Humidifier) running if in a humid climate.

2.     Have someone trust worthy to watch over Aquarius.

     a.     Membranes must be flushed every week for 10 minutes.

     b.     Check engine room for any leaks or something wrong.

     c.      Should check the battery level in the morning before 9AM, if below 25V

              at anytime, contact owner.




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Hello AMELians,


In two weeks my SM2K will be haul out. For me it is the first time of a haul out with a SM2K..

What would you suggest to do before and (directly) after haul out?


That’s my current list:


Before haul out

-          Empty the black water tanks and fill up with 0.5 Ltr vegetable oil. Open and close shortly the valves.


After haulout

-          Flush the Main engine, the generator and the AC’s with fresh water.



What else?


Thanks so much in advance.


Fair winds



S/V Sayonara II, SM2K 392

currently in Martinique





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