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Craig Briggs

Hi Kent,

Our 300' of chain has always done the job without adding rope. Deepest anchorage was off Saba Island in 85'. (Arrived in middle of night and didn't spot the many mooring balls - duh!)

I did splice a thimble into one end of the rope so could shackle it to the main chain if needed. We have used the rope rode with 15' of chain on a Fortress anchor as a second anchor, but that was before we dumped the Amel original CQR for a bullet proof Mantus. 

Plus the rope is the right length to make up 2 of the 4 mandatory long dock lines for the Panama Canal. (Keep the middle on the boat and pass up both ends.)

We also frequently use the Fortress off the stern but with a spool of strap webbing (Anchorlina) that lives on the rail aft.

Cheers, Craig SN68 Sangaris

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Interesting, thanks Craig.  I’ll have to read up on 12 plait.  Hmmm, so you kept it in the bow locker? Not spliced to the chain?  If so, what was your method of switching to rope rode when your chain wasn’t long enough.

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Hi Kent,

When we set off back at the turn of the century (2000), Pam Wall, then at West Marine, suggested 12 plait for a supplemental rode, which is far easier to manage than 3-strand.  What a great suggestion it turned out to be - you can just flake it into the bow locker and it never tangles or forms hockles. Ours is 3/4" which would probably do just fine for your SM at 21K lbs breaking strength. Far better than 3-strand. Easy to do a chain-to-rope splice, too. 
C U in St Michaels next month!
Cheers, Craig SN68

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I have100m which has been more than enough for the East Coast USA and Caribbean.  Once in the S Pacific will be routinely anchoring in 35-45m.  You can’t put enough chain for that in your bow locker, too heavy.  I will add another 80m of one inch nylon three-strand for those deep anchorage’s, assuming I can make a rode-to-chain splice that will go through the hawsepipe.  If it won’t,  I’ll try 7/8” nylon rode, but don’t think I’d be comfortable with anything less than that.

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What is the best length for the standard anchor chain 10mm ISO for the Super Maramu?

Is 125m ok or is that to much???
And swivel or no swivel??

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