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It is my understanding that this buffer tank, located in the cockpit portside locker, is continuously rinsing itself as you make water. I believe that the tank as some advantages, but it also has disadvantages. The primary disadvantage is that testing water from the outlet on the control panel is testing water that was previously made, not water being made now. The primary advantage is good in theory. It is that if the watermaker experiences some problem and starts making high salinity water, the TDS in-line sensor will shut down the watermaker and the high salinity water will be trapped in the 20 liter tank without contaminating the main tank. Since there is no information on this 20 liter tank available from Dessalator, I believe that it was an Amel innovation. Be sure to drain the buffer tank when winterizing, and/or leaving the boat for longer than 30 days.

Some of us have been around long enough to know for certain to NOT trust the Dessalator in-line TDS sensor system. In fact, an entire production run of the Dessalator PCB,s were designed to trick the user into believing the sensor worked, when in fact it wasn't even wired into the shutdown hardware/software of the PCB. (Thanks to Gary Silver, who discovered this). I give Dessalator the benefit of doubt that this "trick" was crafted by their logic and PCB subcontractor. But, on the other hand, Dessalator chose to basically ignore this and not recall those PCBs. 

For SM owners: I do not believe any D160's installed in SMs have this 20 liter tank, but I could be wrong. It is possible some late model SMs also have the 20l buffer tank.


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On Amel 54 the watermaker fills up 20? Liter Tank before the water goes to the watertank. 
This water comes out of the tap on the dessalator board. 
When I was in Hyeres I was asked if I ever cleaned this Tank.
Reguarly I let it get empty. As this is the drinkingwatertank perhaps should I flush it backwards with waterdesinfection? 
Wolfgang Weber SY Elise Amel 54#162

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