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smiles bernard

Hi there 
I’m still somewhat puzzled by the pole setup on my older Maramu 
The set up is definitely a little different I think to the SM so if anyone has experience it would be great to check in on the right track. 

At the bow: 
I assume I attach a block to the most fwd loop on the stantion base  as per far left of photo. Between the clear and the fair lead shown. This block will take the fore guy.  I take this back to a suitable clear in the foredeck perhaps. 

Mid ships :
Down haul- I assume I put a block on the lifting eye/chainplate and take the line to a cleat on the mast

I think I must bring the aftguy in right behind  the swim ladder which runs aft from the stantion attachment shown. 

So I assume I put a block on the rear most stantion attachment point shown in last photo and then bring the aft guy back to a cockpit cleat. 

Many thanks in advance for any tips or corrections !

All the very best

Maramu 162

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Thanks so much for this detailed and helpful response Alan. Very much appreciated indeed. 

Sadly I don’t have the manuals for the Maramu. 

The previous owner of SeaLove had managed to brake one of the whisker pole harken bell/toggles but said he only ever needed the one pole for his sailing style but as I’m planning to fly twin headsails downwind I have replaced the broken bits and now just trying to figure it all out. 

So it looks like I need to go rope shopping!

The Maramu deck/ cabin line attachment points differ from the SM so I’d be really interested to also hear from anyone who has experience of the Maramu line attachments if they have the time 

The SM double headsail setup with the triple foil luff groove sounds brilliant. I’m surprised other boat makers have not copied this 

All the best

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Do you not have the AMEL Manual that came with the boat that explains how to do it ?

Ours is SM2000, but it should be pretty much the same I would think.
You should have 6 lines, 2 blue, 2 red and 2 yellow.
With the pole mounted up and folded back, hanging from the rail :
Blue is the foreguy...from the pole end plate that will end up being fwd, forward through the block at the stanchion base at the fwd locker and back to the cleat on the cabin top.
Red is the afterguy ... from the aft pole end plate to the cleat outside the aft cabin.
Yellow is the down haul .... from the bottom pole plate  to the cleat opposite the mast base.
The topping lift is white and already rigged on the mast...take the shackle end to the uppermost plate on the boom end.
All our ropes have tape on them to indicate approximately where they should be tied off.
Take the port side genoa sheet out of the genoa car, take it forward and outside of everything and thread it through the end of the pole and to the block that takes the genoa sheet to the winch .... leave plenty of slack in it.

To launch it all
Lift up the topping lift until the pole end is at about chest height for the person that's going to push it out.
Go forward and take the blue line and 1,2,3 GO....the person at the cockpit pushes the pole out, the one with blue rope pulls like fury as the pole is swung out. Cleat it off quickly once the pole is out and the red line taut.

Now you adjust all the lines to get the pole horizontal. Then you can unfurl the genoa.

Same procedure for the ballooner  which you hoist on its special halyard with its hook on the stbd side slot of the headsail foil The hook secures itself at the top of the foil and the halyard is retrieved. Secure the tack at the deck before pulling out the sheet. Thread the ballooner sheet through the end of the pole through the block to the starboard winch and then push the pole out etc....

Getting the ballooner down involves using the dehooker which is attached to the ballooner halyard and pulled up the third slot in the foil. It releases the ballooner hook and the ballooner luff will collapse down the foil. Pull down the dehooker etc etc....

My manual is about 17Mb...too big for the files section on the forum. I will see if I can scan the relevant pages and post them as a are worth a thousand words.

Elyse SM437

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