Engine alignment process help please.

Porter McRoberts

Gentlemen and Ladies.  

I am hoping one or more of you might have information about how to put an engine and drivetrain in alignment, once it is out of alignment.

As many of you may know we now have a new long block.  Despite my pleading with the mechanics to mark all existing locations for replacement of hardware, they did not do so, and so now we have some good amount of vibration.  Shrouds and stays vibrate, along with the handrail.    

I believe the engine and drive train to be out of alignment.  

i have the instructions: to e followed from the beginning- prior to engine removal, but not with how to estalish alignment de novo, without the existing marks.  I have not heard back from Amel re how they install initially, and the “mechanics” are returning to the boat on Thursday.  

Might anyone have thoughts, comments or instructions?

All would be greatly appreciated.  

Amel 54-152

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