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Please see attached "Ordering Parts from Amel.

I hope this helps you.


CW Bill Rouse
Admiral, Texas Navy
Commander Emeritus

Amel School
720 Winnie St
Galveston Island, TX 77550

+1(832) 380-4970

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Good afternoon everyone,

I'm certain this has come up in the group before, but looking back I couldn't see any mention of it recently.

If anyone has recently contacted Amel for parts from North America could they please pass that info on to me. 

We are planning on pulling our engine next year for a rebuild and would like to replace the motor mounts. I would also be great full for any advice or suggestions regarding maintenance and upgrades that should be done while the engine is out. I have a number of projects planned but its always great to hear from those with experience.

Tom Fisher

"SHEILA" Sharki #142

Kingston, Canada  

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