Predict Wind

Patrick McAneny

I bought Predict Wind a few months ago and  a Iridium Go to download offshore. I found it to under report winds with TS Gordon by a large margin,like 50%. Now with the Hurricane Florence and sustained winds of Cat4 140 mph reported for the last two days ,Predict Wind is showing from 68mph on PWG to 102 mph on GFS. Since this is a well reported storm I don't understand the under reported wind speed . Is PW generally this far off, can it be relied on? I asked PW about this and basically they said , that their models are"not geared to predicting hurricanes." I do not understand this explanation , a hurricane is simply a low pressure system, their models are not geared to predict low pressure systems ? I have been looking at their models and comparing them with known conditions. So far it is not reassuring , has it been found to be reliable ?




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