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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Thanks Pat. Like you i feel for those in the path. We are in alaska having a ball.

To all amelians thst may be in the path. God be with you.

We pray for your safety.


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Danny, The Chesapeake Bay will have little to no impact from the hurricane. Most damage will be limited to the N and S Carolina coastline and inland many miles. It is due to come ashore Friday, with tidal surge as high as 13 ft. on top of high tides and then large waves on top of that. We dodged that bullet, at my age I don't need the excitement . I feel for those in the way,the flooding will be bad. I guess you are in Alaska by now, enjoy your trip.


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Hi Pat and others in the line. 
How are all you guys situated with that hurricane coming in. Feel for you all. Wishing you all the best.
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Rick, Sorry about your deal, but get out of there. If you have not seen the latest forecast, they are predicting it to turn SW , maybe going S along coast before turning inland . So that brings it closer to Charleston . Don't waste time replying , but let us know how you make out with the storm ,when you can.
Be Safe and Good Luck,
SM Shenanigans

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Hello Amel Friends,
With mixed feelings about selling, we recently asked you to identify anyone you knew who might be interested in buying Rascal.  Happily, we received a number of inquiries and had a contract soon thereafter. 
However, we couldn’t come to agreement on price and the buyer reneged.  So we are happy to keep sailing until a serious buyer comes along—perhaps referred to us by one of you.  Updated details about Rascal can be seen here.  
Rascal is berthed at the Charleston City Marina, SC though we are likely to leave tomorrow morning to flee the wrath of Hurricane Florence!
Rick and Linda Grimes
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