Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Grease for oil seals

Craig Briggs

How strange!  I wrote the post below yesterday because my first one had not appeared. Now, 2 days later they have both appeared. Oh well.
Cheers, Craig SN68

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Yes, it was, but I didn't ask the question.
Cheers, Craig

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My answer was appropriate.
CW Bill Rouse

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Bill - believe that was Pat#123's question.

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I suggest sticking with waterproof grease, unless you find out specifically what type of silicone grease Amel has been using lately in Martinique. There are many different kinds of silicone grease.


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I am going in install three new oils seals and a new wear bushing . I have for years been using wheel bearing grease,I have never had any leaks. However, I saw a mention of silicone grease being used. Would that be better ,is this what is supposed to be used?




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