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Thanks for this Mark
I have a powered pre amp. It’s a fax5 
I inherited the setup and have been trying to get some signals out of the system

So far nothing and the Signal to Noise ration is hovering around 10 which I presume is the issue.

The pre amp takes power from the fax 30 and the manual does say it needs grounding. Interestingly the main fax30 unit is grounded too and has a specific cable connection for this. 

It does seem odd though as before I’ve just used a small Ssb radio receiver and decided in software on a laptop and my old radio wasn’t grounded. 

Thanks for your email - it’s made me consider  the option to try and remove the fax5 completely and stick a wire in the coaxial cable 

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The weatherfax isn’t suppose to be grounded. It is basically a HF receiver. An SSB or HF radio only needs to be grounded when transmitting. You can even receive stuff by putting a wire coat-hanger into the antenna connection.



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It would seem my old Fax-30 weatherfax is not working as it’s aerial is not grounded.

All a bit odd as it came to me this way and I can therefore only assume it never worked for the previous owner.

I think the fix is easy - I just need to ground the aerial

Could any Maramu owners give me any hints as to where I might locate a terminal to connect to the ground plate?

I have an old radar unit that seems to connect to a copper mesh cable behind the chart table. Perhaps this is the place to try but the cable run would be v tricky.

Here’s hoping there is a connection option nearer the stern where my aerial is 🤞

Many thanks in advance

Maramu 162

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