Re: Santorin Manuals?

Ian Park

Congratulations on your Santorin hunt. A very fine boat. I don’t believe there was ever a Santorin manual. I had a downloaded version of the SM manual which I found invaluable.. you just ignore the sections that the Santorin doesn’t have (dishwasher, washing machine, generator, dessalator etc.) I believe (but willing to be corrected) that most other parts were the same as the SM - sail gearboxes and motors, windlass, bow thruster, C drive, rotary autopilot, ballooner poles and setup and many other things. If true then the Santorin is very well over engineered, which is a great plus.
Anyway, there are one or two original Amel Santorin plans on the Yahoo site which are worth downloading.
Otherwise, there are quite a few of us ‘smaller sisters’ on the Amel owners site always ready with support.
For my part, if you are planning ocean passages - try and acquire the ketch. I never had a ketch before, but very glad I have one now. Extremely versatile for short handed sailing.
The Santorin is the biggest boat I have owned and is a dream to manoeuvre in and out of a tight space.
Good luck.

Ocean Hobo SN96

PS where are you based - we’ve just brought the boat back home to North Wales from the Caribbean. Sounds like you are UK.

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