Series Drogue Construction Details

Mark Isaac

Hello All-

For those of you that carry a series drogue, what line was used to make it?  At least one company out there offers the drogue made fully or partially from the newer HMPE fibers.  Given the difference in characteristics (stretch and coefficient of friction come to mind)  between these new fibers and the double braid nylon used in the original study, I wonder if this is a good idea and if there are any studies to support this. 

The weight savings with the newer fibers would be substantial.  My concerns are that the cones may slip off or the shock load would cause damage to the boat and/or allow the drogue to break free.

Also, according to the original study, a boat displacing 40,000 pounds will require 160 cones give or take a few.  Several manufacturers of the drogue suggest construction using only 147 cones, but I can't find anything to explain the reduction in number.

Mark Isaac
SM 391, Lulu
South Freeport, Maine

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