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Hoi Alex
pretty much expensive. but if we are a owner of AMEL a  SM or 54,55,50,64 we have to spend a lot of money. Ok , I bought all a lot of spare items, maybe for 2 years in Europe. Ok I know you bought the boat in US. So keep speending money because if you will import the spare items from beautiful Euroup you pay a lot of transport/duty cost. 
Maybe you have friends/familie coming to your boat and bring from Amel a lot of spare items. I do it . 
Actually in Cap Verde Crossing soon to Brasil

Grüsse Hanspeter
SM 16/ Tamango 2

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The local Volvo dealer in Curacao is charging USD 94.00 for an air filter and USD 46.00 for a diesel filter for my DS3-111. Where do you guys stock parts like this and what are the prices that you see in the market in the U.S. or Europe?
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