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Craig Briggs

Hey, thanks Trevor,

Isn't that odd that our SN68 has only two drawers while your SN27 has three? Makes me wonder if maybe my lower middle drawer is just stuck - that would be weird to discover after 19 years! Oh well. I think that rather than risking prying one off I may just cut through from the inside top after removing the middle top drawer.

I see you're in Miri - we were going to fly in to join a friend on her Liberty 458 in Borneo this summer and head there, but we got sidetracked with medical stuff - she's Linda Morgenstern on Serafin - perhaps you've met? (She may still be headed there, though.)

Cheers, Craig SN68, Brunswick, GA

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Hi Craig,

No access for us. But this is what I’ve found: 

- On SN27 we have 4 drawer faces port side. 3 are actual drawers. The most forward one is fake. I’ve tried to figure out how to gain access behind it but it looks like I would need to make a hole to do so.  
- I’ve removed the two middle drawers to go through the aft side of the false one and it is solid wood. 
- I’ve removed the curved cream colored fiberglass portion behind the cushion (which can be a small storage location for a spare item) and there is no access either. 

Sorry no answer for success with out a hole - besides potentially prying it off carefully (taping and protecting the wood). Although this prying might just break the cover. 

Best of luck. 

Miri, Malaysia 

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Has anyone removed the false drawer faces on the port side of the main salon? 

I was hoping to trade out one of those unused handles for another that has broken, but I can't figure out how to access it. So before I undertake cutting a hole, I though I'd ask the group.

(This may apply only to the Santorin, where we have 4 drawer faces but only two drawers, the other two being false - I don't know about the SM's) 

Many thanks,

Craig, SN#68 Sangaris, Brunswick, GA

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