Re: Voting from Martinique

Gary Wells

We've successfully voted in the last two elections from Greece and from Turkey.

You can download and fill in the Federal Absentee Write-In Ballot form and mail it to your Elections' Officiel where you are registered.  This is a great program and you don;t have to wait and hope to receive your ballot from your State.  Everything is "write-in" so it helps if you have a sample of the ballot you wre working from.  Then, you fill in the name of the race, or ballot issue, and how you vote on it. 
Here is the link to the PDF Form:  """"  I am pretty sure the "2013" part is the most recent version of the form).

I got email responses from the board of Elections when the ballot was received and counted. 

Hope that helps!

Gary W.
SM 209, "Adagio"
Teulada, Sardenia

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