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Hallo thanks to all

I hope I See you some were Heinz

Fair winds



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Hey Danny,


You are better to pass on an incompetent individual than to trust the AMEL design.  My rig was checked in Le Marin and again in Tahiti.


Fair winds.


Jean-Pierre Germain

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Hi all. It is a boldman who advises against rig work because the winds are lighter in the Pacific and s bold recipient of the advice who takes it. I am a lifetime Pacific sailor and it can be WILD.

I have spent time in the Atlantic too and in my experience it is a pussy cat by comparison but I guess I have not experienced it at its worst.

Actually it is a bold man who advises against rig work anywhere. It is a very personal decision as the guy on the boat pays the price either way.

Kind Regards


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Hello Heinz,


I was 5 months in Panama and never heard of a rigger in the country.


However, the winds are lighter in the Pacific and if your rig was checked by a good rigger in the recent past, you’ll be ok.


If you need a GREAT one in Tahiti, look for Benoit Parnaudeau.  He used to rig Isabelle Autissier’s boat plus he skippered a Volvo 60 in the RTW solo event a few years back.


Good luck,


Jean-Pierre Germain,

SY Eleuthera SM 007

Vava’u, TONGA


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I believe there is only one rigger on the pacific side. A friend on a 55 would not give him a great review. John.  john@...  would be good to contact.. 


I hope you guys are well!!



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Hallo all



I hope everyone survived the hurricane well.

my Quetzal is currently in Shelter Bay Marina in Panama on the dry one. 

Does anyone know a good Rigger in panama? 

I would like to have my rig checked before I go on to the Pacific. 

I would be grateful for an answer..


Fair Winds

Heinz Stutenbäumer


SV Quetzal, SM 2000 - 292










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