Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Series Drogue Construction Details-from someone that used it

Mark Isaac

Thanks, Eric.  Your experience and advice is very much appreciated.  Unfortunately, due to the hectic schedule I have been keeping lately, I don't have time to check the forum every day. 

I did speak with Dave at Ace and I believe he knows the series drogue as well as anyone.  However, I didn't get answers I could hang my hat on when I asked him the questions I had about using the newer fiber lines for construction of the drogue.  Maybe this is because there are not yet good answers to those questions.  Maybe there is only anecdotal evidence that changes to the original design work as intended.  That's what makes this and other forums so valuable; we can put our collective expertise and experiences to work on questions that may not yet have solid answers.  This is a particularly good website for those interested:

Mark Isaac
SM391, Lulu
South Freeport, Maine

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